‘Everything is potentially a fertile subject for art and that we can make discoveries as valuable in an advertisement for soap as in Pascal’s Pensees’ Proust

I’m interested in the dialogue you have with material when it arrives. Paula Rego talks of people suggesting her work can appear random, but it’s how she approaches that subject, her artistry which makes the subject appear in a certain way and hold certain meaning.

I’m interested in the notion of the deeper we look into ourselves – the more universal we become (Marina Abramovic). I think you go deeper by working ‘in” a stream of consciousness – letting words and actions appear – living with them and then working out what they hold in terms of meaning. This is the place I want to investigate. The end result is not improvisation, it is however a determination not to know what the end result should be before the work has started. The material should illuminate, should surprise, should take the artist into their sub conscience. This material can then be worked with or through –  it becomes a dialogue. The way writers sometimes speak of words appearing in front of them, that they merely copy what they see, like reading a text in their mind…


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